Application Development

Business environments today need to remain resilient to change and continue to perform effectively and efficiently even in adverse and fluctuating market economies.

Our Web Application development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial Web Applications to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project. We focus on solving business problems rather than selling specific skills or products.

Our aim is not just developing mobile applications but to ensure that our application is built with latest technological manner that fulfill clients goal. We follow a complete development checklist to make sure that the app meets all quality commitments and it is delivered successfully.

E-Commerce websites by our Ecommerce Developers have proven to be some of the best on the web. Our websites are easy to use, simple to manage and allow your company to sell products or services online.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Worldwide, in most businesses today, Business Managers, and Analysts are responsible to keep processes running smoothly and effectively and keep improving their quality and efficiency for better outcomes. Business Intelligence services from Digital Savants help you speedily develop effective business process models, identify and improve the most profitable among them, and help you execute the best models uniformly across your enterprise.


If you want to run business effectively and economically, you need relevant, accurate, and quick information to give you a constant overview of what is happening in your IT department, and to keep track of your IT department’s communications with IT and business users. You need to identify and keep track of all the assets used by your IT department, both hardware and software. Talk to us to learn more about how Digital Savants can you help you to implement ITIL processes and appropriate ITSM system to run your business effectively.

Our Company

  • ERP Wiz Inc., D/B/A Digital Savants is an information technology solutions and services provider, Digital Savants is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to its customers in the areas of Business Intelligence, Content Management, Automation, ITSM and custom Web and mobile application development.

  • Digital Savants provides a comprehensive range of IT services which are specially tailored to help customers harness the benefits of latest innovations, most advanced systems and ground-breaking technologies, enabling them to meet day to day business challenges head on, improve productivity and provide better services to customers.

  • Our Quality:

    At Digital Savants, we align our delivery process according to agile and ITIL principles. We have a stringent quality team who ensures that the quality is maintained across our delivery teams. We have zero compromise on our quality.

  • Our Innovations:

    At Digital Savants we bring the latest knowledge, tools and technologies to every member of our company and encourage them to try and do that they thought they cannot do. This keeps us a front runner in latest technologies implemented in an innovative way

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