Enterprise Content Management

Typically, businesses generate a huge quantity of documents and content in a day. These can comprise content related to internal procedures, accounting, billing, invoicing, project management, reports, customer information, contact information, notes, emails, confidential data, and so on. The list is endless. Depending on the type of business being conducted, related content is often generated as well. This content is often unstructured, sometimes deficient, and many times duplicated and redundant.

The basic philosophy of content management is to ensure effective and efficient storage and maintenance of generated information as per regulatory compliance norms, which will facilitate easy retrieval on demand as required, and in the prescribed format. Imagine a scenario where you need to go through scores of emails and personal files on your desktop, to find that quotation you sent to one of your prospective overseas customer, who is on a call at the moment waiting for your response to a query on one of the items, and the document remains elusive. You either place the customer on hold indefinitely or apologize and inform that you will call back later with the details. Definitely, not the preferred approach.

Efficient content management policies and practices need to be put in place, the lack of which can cause unnecessary waste of your valuable time looking for documents and quite often data loss, ultimately affecting performance of your business.

Content Management services from Digital Savants help you keep track of content in a central searchable location rather than on scattered individual locations.

Digital Savants offers the following types of content management:

  • Enterprise Content Management – Where, we apply required software tools and technologies that help in storage, retrieval, and tracking of documents generated by your employees for business processes, which can be scaled to the entire enterprise across multiple geographical locations.
  • Web Content Management – Where we help manage and publish content to websites using a Web Content Management System (WCMS) which we help you procure, install, configure, and maintain.
  • Document Management – Where we assist in the management, storage, search and retrieval of entire documents and not just the content within.
  • Digital Asset Management – Management of your graphics and multimedia content and related metadata and not the text within. This is typically a rights-managed repository of digital images or map data.
  • Component Content Management – Where we help manage data at the granular level. Here, rather than storing the entire document each component of content is stored in a structured format in a table or tagged with keywords or key phrases as tags, which can be used to retrieve the component later.

Our ECM Tools Expertise:

  • Adobe – AEM
  • OpenText